About InterFluidics

  • InterFluidics offers solutions to develop label free biomolecular interaction sensing technologies.
  • Activities of InterFluidics are prototyping spotting tools and fluidics for label free sensing devices and prototyping of photonics instrumentation.
  • InterFluidics possesses in house 3D-printing and hot embossing equipment for realizing microfluidic chips and dedicated flow cells for partners.
What triggers the fact that one patient gets mild symptoms and the other severe COVID19?

Biography of the founder of InterFluidics

InterFluidics BV is based in Haaksbergen, the Netherlands. Owner is Dr. Richard B.M. Schasfoort (1959) who also has a position at the University of Twente, Enschede, NL.

He is a recognized scientist regarding label free and real-time biomolecular interaction sensing and is editor of two Handbooks of Surface Plasmon Resonance (RSC, London). He is founder of IBIS Technologies B.V. and was involved in setting-up Biointermediair B.V.

InterFluidics started already in 2016 in preparing to develop a device for cell secretion detection. Technology was developed after receiving a national Take-off grant and Top-Status (2018) plus a grant for setting up break-through technologies (Immuno Spot Layer Imaging of Cell Excretions) in ATTRACT phase 1, iSLICE in 2019.

Schasfoort changed the focus of the iSLICE project after the outbreak of the pandemic to detect the immunity status of patients regarding COVID-19 using SPR imaging by connecting with the hospital Medical Spectrum Twente, Enschede.

Now, at the end of his career, Schasfoort wants to generate impact for his partners through InterFluidics by leveraging his expertise from more than 30 years of label-free biosensing research and SPR product development.

InterFluidics B.V.

Attn. R.B.M. Schasfoort

Duizendblad 28

7483 AL  Haaksbergen

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 614133503

Email: richardschasfoort@gmail.com

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